misato x kaji club

Support Kaji and Misato! Miss Ryohji, owner of Kaji's Dojo, and I have decided to start a support group for our favorite anime couple, Misato and Kaji. If you are a fan of the two or characters and/or support the couple please join. You dont have to have a Misato or Kaji page or even a page on EVA. Just email me or Miss Ryohji with your name, email and webpage if you have one. And then you can stick the banner somewhere on your page, and use it to link it back to this site. If we haven't added you to the members list within a month, email again, cause it means we lost your email address. (my cousin is helping me with adding people to the members list, and she's a major ditz ^_^;) We'd also like this to be a penpal type club, meaning if you want to talk to a fellow Misato x Kaji fan, feel free to email anyone on the members list! So help us support Misato and Kaji!

misato x kaji club banner

misato x kaji club banner 2


Members List:
Kaji- site
Miss Ryohji- site
Firia- site
Kageri No Miko- site
Saturn- site
Leia Solo- site
Aaron- site
Fabychan- site
Krystine Katsuragi- site
Videl- site
Misato- site
rei himura- site
Luca's BAR show- site
Shao- site
Misty- site
Hierophant- site
C-chan- site