misato-sama in a towel...

So far, there's only two fics here, but someday we hope to have more fics up. You are more than welcome to submit your own Misato-centric fics. In fact, we'll love you forever if you do send us a fic to post. Submissions will be taken care of by Firia.

New Year's Eve Blow Out!
by: Kaji
category: comedy
summary: tons of anime characters get together to celebrate New Years. lots of chaos ensues.
warnings: a little shounen-ai and yuri implications.

Firia: Wai! Wai! My friend Misato-chan, wrote a fic just for this site, after I commented that we had only one fic! Yay! *glomps Misato-chan* Sankyuu, Misato-chan! She even said she might write more ficcies for us someday! ^_^

Caught in the Act
by: Misato Jaganshi
category: umm... not sure where this one would fall.
summary: Misato decides it's time for Kaji and Shinji to have a man-to-man talk after walking in on an embarrasing situation.
warnings: near-lemon material.