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Misato Katsuragi Personal Info

Age: 29
Birthdate: December 8, 1986
Occupation: NERV Tactician

Background: Misato was the daughter of a prominent scientist who worked for NERV (then called Gehirn) She hated her father, but when he sacrificed himself to save her during the Second Impact, she then decided to dedicate her life to the destruction of the Angels. She was the only person to survive from the Katsuragi Expedition during the Second Impact. The shock of living through it left her mute and mentally unstable for about 5 years. After the 5 years, she then attended college, where she met Kaji Ryouji and Akagi Ritsuko. Ritsuko would become a close friend and colleague, Kaji would become her lover. She joined NERV after college, in order to fufill her goal of revenge against the Angels.

Personality: When Misato is at work, she is very professional, cool and commanding. She is a brilliant strategist and willing to do whatever it takes to win. However, her personal life is in complete contrast. Her apartment is a disater area, she can't cook, and deals with her life by drinking heavily. She hides her true feelings of unhappiness and depression from even her young charges who live with her, the 3rd Children, Ikari Shinji and the 2nd Children, Souryu Asuka Langely.

Her Role In The End of Eva: (SPOILERS!!! highlight with mouse to read!)
Misato, after killing Kaji, decides to follow in his footsteps and find out the truths behind NERV. She eventually does find the answers she was seeking, but when SEELE attacks NERV, she has to fight to protect Ikari Shinji. While trying to take him to Eva-01, she is shot fatally. She manages to tell Shinji to continue on without her, gives him her cross necklace, kisses him and pushes him onto the elevator waiting to take him to Eva-01. She dies immediately after. Or "evolves to a higher existence" depending on how you look at it.(see the spoiler pics in the image gallery)