12 April 2001-- Firia-chan reporting! A fic is up in the Fanfic section by Misato Jaganshi! Yay! I'm happy we got a submission!

28 February 2001-- Firia-chan here to bring you updates, minna-san! As promised, I got all 34 scans thumbnailed and up, plus I scanned a few more today, bringing the grand total to 38 new scans. And Kaji-kun, you better not EVEN remove my Gratiutious Nekkid Shinji/Kaworu Shower Pic. As much as I luv Misato-sama, after scanning, uploading and thumbnailing 37 pics, I needed a cute little shounen-ai pick-me-up. =P

27 February 2001-- Kaji here. Just a quick update to let everyone know we're not dead. New members are listed in the fanclub. That's it for the update today, but Firia is scanning Eva manga and film books like the obsessive madperson she is, and is currently thumbnailing 34 new pics for the image gallery.

22 December 2K-- Firia here, doing some updates on behalf of Kaji-kun. Well, this site hasn't been updated in forever, but whaddya expect, Eva's been over for a long time. ^^;; The only thing that's really changed is the layout. I heard the Eva movies are gonna be brought over to the US soon. Though it's by the people who brought us that hideously dubbed X, so we shall see how it all turns out, ne? When Kaji and I went to see X, the audience laughed during the whole damn movie. If ANYONE laughs during a certain tragic scene about Misato that I shall not mention here cause it's a major spoiler, me and Kaji will get up and start yelling at them! (And probably get thrown out of the theater, but oh well, we already saw End of Eva a million times anyway...)

We didn't make an update page prior to this, so there's nothing past this date. Besides, if you're really wanting to read our past updates, what the hell is wrong with you?