WARNING! This fic contains sexual situations! If you proceed any furthur and are offended, it's your problem, not ours. Flames will be laughed at.

Caught in the act
by Misato Jaganshi

† † Ah yet another sleepless night for me. Hmm here I am tossing and turning once again. Iím kind of thirsty too. Oh no I canít go outside again. I remember what happened last night. I came home from work and had my usually couple of beers and ramen. I thought I was tired so I went to bed earlier than usual. Then around midnight I awoke from another nightmare. I tried to get myself back to sleep but I just couldnít. So I decided to go to the kitchen and get a drink. After I gobbled down two beers I needed to go to the bathroom. And thatís where it happened. I mean I should have known that this type of thing would be going on. But Shinji didnít seem like the type of kid who would do that. But then again he is going through puberty and all his hormones are racing and all that. But his personality is such that well he isnít your normal fourteen year old. I guess after piloting Eva he needs to relieve the stress somehow.
† † Well there I was proceedng calmly to the bathroom. I was so out of myself that I didnít notice that the light was inside. I heard some moaning but I thought that maybe it was my stomach. I was also hungry but there wasnít anything good to eat. I walked with my eyes half open not really paying attention to what I was doing. I opened the door and yawned and stretched and then I opened my eyes completely and couldnít believe what I was seeing. Shinji wasÖwas. Oh I donít even want to think about it. It took me forever to get the image out of my mind. Well he was doing what any fourteen year old does in the middle of the night. Oh I canít even sound the word out loud but here goes. He was masturbating. Ah! I screamed and shut the door and excused myself and ran back to my room forgetting that I really wanted to take piss. Iím not sure what he did after but I heard the bathroom door close gently and it seemed like he went back to his room.
† † I mean it was probably my fault. Why didnít I knock? Why didnít notice the moans? Why didnít suspect that he thought about sex? AH! Kids are so hard to deal with. Here I am the following night with the same sleepless mind. This morning he couldnít even look at me. His face was red and I didnít know what to say. I need to have a talk with him. Yes! Thatís what Iíll do. Oh but that will probably embarrass him even more. Hmm who can I get to talk to him. Maybe a man. But who? His father? No thatís very unlikely. Hmm what other guy do I know? Kaji? Well he certainly likes sex. Yeah Iíll ask Kaji to give him a little talk.††

† † Here we are another morning. I canít believe I feel asleep last night. Oh I hate waking up. Damn sun why is it shining through my windows. Ah I might as well get up. Iím so thirsty, I need a beer.

† † Misato steps out of her room. Shinji and Asuka are having breakfast. Shinji stares into his plate. His mind isnít paying attention to Asuka and her insults.

† † Oh no here she comes. I canít believe that she saw me doing what I was doing. Oh why? What was I thinking? Why didnít I lock the door. Oh I canít even stand to look at her anymore. She doesnít look at me anymore. Iím so ashamed and embarrassed. I had gotten away with it the previous nights. I knew something would go wrong. I knew it. Yet I was so into it. It felt it good, why am I lying to myself. I could barely get through the night without thinking about sex. Aww, damn hormones! At least Misato discovered me and not Asuka that would have been far worse. Oh far worse. Iíd never get over her taunting and insults.

Misato sat down opposite Shinji and next to Asuka. She opened her beer and took a long gulp before she asked, "Shinji are you ok?".
† † "Hai, Iím just worried about a test I have today. I going over some concepts in my head." "Oh no I said head," thought Shinji as he ate a piece of egg.
† † "Oh ok, Iím sure youíll do fine."
† † "You two are acting weird! Whatís going on?" asked Asuka in an annoyed tone.
† † "Nothing," they responded simultaneously.
† † "Nothing my ass. Iíll find out!"
† † "Asuka calm down. Itís nothing. Itís just that I havenít been able to sleep lately."
† † "Oh, Iím sorry. What about you Shinji whatís your problem?"
† † "Me, nothing! Nothing!"
† † "Boy you can barely lift that fork, are you hands tired?" asked Asuka in a naughty tone.
† † "Nani? No! Iím just worried about my test thatís all," said Shinji and he wondered if she knew too.
† † "YeahÖright," replied Asuka as she eyed him with suspicion. Mmm, Misato canít sleep at nights and Shinji goes off somewhere in the house for a long period of time. Whatís going on here. These two can barely look at each other anymore. And Shinji blushes all the time around Misato. Are they doing something together? Is Shinji going over to Misatoís room andÖOh gott Asuka! Get your mind out of the gutter. No more romance novels for me.
† † "I have to go now. Good bye," said Shinji as he picked up his school bag and proceeded to the door.
† † "Hey wait for me!" exclaimed Asuka as she snapped out of her daze and ran after Shinji.
† † "Oh I wonder if Asuka knows what Shinji is doing?" thought Misato as she sat alone at the table sipping on her can of beer.

Misato arrived at NERV headquarters and immediately went on a search for Kaji. She asked around for him but no one knew where he was. She went around her doing her usual stuff and as she walked to the copy machine a guard told her that Kaji was in his office. She ran towards it and calmed herself down as she stood in front of the door. Kaji heard a knock and straitened himself. He hoped that it was Misato.
† † "Who is it?" he asked.
† † "Itís Misato I need to talk to you," she responded with a sense of urgency in her voice.
† † "So she wants to talk to me huh? I knew sheíd come around. I canít wait to here what she has to say," thought Kaji as he applied some colonel onto his neck. He combed through his hair with his fingers and told Misato to come in.
† † "So what brings you to my office?" asked Kaji in a suggestive tone as he plopped up his feet on his desk.
† † "Well itís kind of a delicate subject," said Misato as she sat in the chair in front of him.
† † "What could that be? Is it about you and me?" asked Kaji as he got up went around the desk to stand directly in front of Misato. He admired her legs and thighs. He licked his lips and resisted the intense urged to slide his fingers across them. He looked at her face and her delicate lips. He licked his lips once again and thought about how good they tasted. How good her body would feel crushed against his. How good their naked bodies felt. He could feel his member harden slightly. He dismissed his sexual thoughts and focused back on what Misato had to say.
† † "No itís not about you and me! Itís about Shinji."
† † "Shinji? Has something happened to him?" asked Kaji in a concerned tone.
† † "Hai."
† † "What?† Is he ok?"
† † "Yes, yes. Itís puberty thatís all," said Misato as she smiled gleefully.
† † "Oh! Oh, oh, puberty. I remember that stage of my life," said Kaji in a reminiscent tone.
† † "How could you forget you never got out of puberty!" remarked Misato as she noticed his peering eyes on her legs. She kicked him in the chin. "Stay focused! This is important!"
† † "Ow, ok, ok. Youíre so damn violent!"
† † "Ha you never complained before."
† † "Oh I remember," said Kaij as he reminisced about the many nights they made love.
† † "Now listen. I think that Shinji needs a man to talk to about what heís going through."
† † "I see and what made you come to this conclusion?"
† † "WellÖ" started Misato as the image of Shinji in the bathroom popped up in her head. She shook her head to get the image out of her mind. "See the other night I caught him the bathroomÖ." She couldnít sound the word out.
† † "Masturbating?" suggested Kaji as he thought about his lonely nights and the lone companionship of his hand and his memories.
† † "Hai, hai!" replied Misato relieved that the topic was out in the open. "I was hoping that you could talk to him. You know man to man."
† † "Sure, sure. Lord knows his father wouldnít give him the all important talk," said Kaji. He smiled evilly as he concocted a way to talk to Shinji and go to Misatoís place. "How about you invite me over for dinner and then you and Asuka go out and get some food or something. We all know you canít cook. And then Iíll talk to Shinji alone."
† † "That sounds good! How about tonight?" suggested Misato as she felt the weight of the world lift from her shoulders.
† † "Excellent! We can leave together this afternoon?" suggested Kaji elated that he could be with her alone.
† † "Fine. But donít you get any ideas!" scolded Misato, for she knew of his dirty mind all too well.
† † "Iím not thinking about any like that. Shinji needs me help and guidance," reassured Kaji.
† † "You better guide him in the right direction or Iíll shout your balls off one by one!" threatened Misato in a motherly tone.
† † "Fine, fine calm down woman. Damn!" exclaimed Kaji knowing very well that she would actually do that. He watched her get up and walk to the door. He looked at her ass and her legs as she walked towards the door. He licked his lips and envisioned his hands touching the firm protuberances and smooth long legs. He moaned aloud as she slammed the door shut behind her.
† † "Ahh that woman is fine. Tonight is gonna be great oh yes!"† thought Kaji as he lit a cigarette and went back to sit in his chair.

† † Misato was relieved that she got Kaji to talk to Shinji. The rest of her day went by perfect. At the end of the day she found Kaji awaiting her in front of her car. She drove at intense speeds causing Kaji to regret the fact that he put his life in her hands. He was tense the whole drive that took less that fifteen minutes because Misato was pushing 90 MPH. He held onto the door handle and sat still and silent as she ran a few red lights and almost ran over an old lady. Sheís a maniac on the road, he wondered how she ever got her drivers license. He was relieved when they pulled up in front of Misatoís apartment building. He quickly got out of the car and stepped away from it as if it were a threatening beast.††
† † "Do you get off in driving that fast?" asked Kaji as he lit a cigarette nervously.
† † "Ha ha! Itís exhilarating! Didnít you like it?" asked Misato as she eyed him with a sadistic pleasure.
† † "No! Youíre a maniac! How in the world did you ever get a license?"

† † They continued to argue and they reached Misatoís apartment. She opened the door. "Konnichiwa!" she greeted. Both Shinji and Asuka were in front of the TV in their casual attire. Asuka turned around and screamed when she saw Kaji. She ran to her room to get out of her rags and change into something a bit more flattering. Shinji greeted Kaji and thought it was strange that Misato invited him over. She usually avoided him at all cost.

† † "Kaji, Iím so glad to see you!" greeted Asuka as she ran and gave him a hug. "Iím so glad you came to visit me," she continued as she held onto his waist savoring his cigarette scented clothes and skin.
† † "Itís good to see you too," said Kaji as he desperately tried to unlock her arms from him. He looked at Misato with pleading eyes. She ignored him and went to the kitchen to get a beer. Kaji finally was able to get Asukaís arms off of him without having to use the jaws of life. But Asuka held his hand and dragged him to the sofa. She sat close to him and rested her head on his shoulder. He was uncomfortable, he wanted Misato to rest her head on his shoulder and hug him to death and kiss him. He signed and looked over at Shinji who had an amused look on his face. Misato gave Kaji a beer and sat on another chair. She relaxed and drank another beer.
† † "Oh yes, this makes my day! A good beer. Oh Kaji will be staying for dinner," she said casually and opened another beer.
† † "You are? Oh excellent!" said Asuka as she held onto his hand tighter.
† † "Asuka you and I can go get some dinner and leave the boys here," said Misato as she took another sip.
† † "Nani? No! You and Shinji go. Iíll stay here and entertain Kaji," she protested.
† † "No, no. Come on," insisted Misato as she put down her beer and dragged Asuka towards the door.

† † As they left Kaji rubbed the circulation back into his hand and gave out a sign of relief. "Oh that girl is crazy," said Kaji as he continued to rub his hand.
† † "Hai," said Shinji, his lips curved into an unusual smile.
† † "So whatís new with you kid?"
† † "Nothing much," said Shinji softly.
† † "Oh I remember when I was your age. Nothing as exciting as piloting an Eva ever happened to me."
† † "Itís ok, itís hard," he continued. He wanted to ask Kaji so many things but didnít sure how to go abut it.
† † "It must be hard living with two girls huh?"
† † "Yeah, especially when they go through that time of month. I try to stay away as much as possible."
† † "Ha ha, I know. Itís tough on a guy," replied Kaji as he offered Shinji a smile. "It must be especially tough since youíre going through puberty and all," continued Kaji as he kept his eyes on Shinji.
† † "Hai," whispered Shinji.
† † "Hey if you need a man to talk to about stuff you can always rely on me. I know it must be hard living with two women. But Iím sure you can talk to Misato also."
† † "Ö."
† † "You can feel free to talk to me any time," continued Kaji.
† † "WellÖ well you see IíveÖ."
† † "Itís ok weíre alone you can talk freely. Whatever you tell me surely Iíve experienced it," reassured Kaji with a warm smile. He lit a cigarette and listened attentively.
† † "Well things are different now. I think about it a lotÖ."
† † "Sex?"
† † "Hai!"
† † "Good, perfectly normal. Guys think about sex all the time even at my age."
† † "OhÖ well I you knowÖ"
† † "Masturbate?"
† † "Hai!" replied Shinji, relieved that he could talk to someone about sex.
† † "Well my friend, itís all normal. Thinking about it, wanting to do it, pleasuring yourself. Imaging naked people, etc."
† † "Oh ok," said Shinji as he bit down on his bottom lip. His face red with embarrassment.
† † "Do you have any questions?"
† † "Well yes, butÖ"
† † "Hmm."
† † "Why? How?" Shinji didnít know how to put his questions into words.
† † "Well itís all part of life and growing up. Waking up with morning erections. Getting spontaneously aroused. Envisioning classmates naked, wanting to touch them in intimate places and to kiss them."
† † "Oh," said Shinji as he listened attentively.
† † "Even as a grown man youíll feel the same desires. Right now youíre hormones are out of control and you probably think about sex a lot."
† † "Hai," said Shinji.
† † "Good, good. Masturbating is a way of relieving all your sexual frustrations. I even masturbate!" confessed Kaji shamelessly.
† † "Really?"
† † "Yep! Girls do it too. Although theyíd rather die than admit that they do. Ha ha, girls are weird like that."
† † "Oh," replied Shinji as he wondered if Asuka and Misato pleasured themselves. He dismissed the thought and continued to focus his attention on Kaji.
† † "Well an important thing is that you never regret pleasuring yourself. Itís fine to do it. As long as itís not the only thing that you do. You know I can get you some magazines or something for you if you want?" suggested Kaji.
† † "No, itís fine," said Shinji as he shook his head. He could envision Misato or Asuka discovering them one day and he couldnít deal with that.
† † "Ok, but if you ever need anything, you can count on me. Iím your friend. Plus itís better to talk to an adult male about these things. Kids your age can give you wrong information and stuff," continued Kaji. Shinji was amazed at the ease with which Kaji talked about sex.
† † "Thanks Kaji."
† † "Any time kid. Now do you want to know about the birds and bees?"
† † "No, I know about that. My teacher gave our class a talk about it."
† † "Oh good. Kids today need those talks. So are you good?"
† † "Yeah Iím much better. Thanks for the talk."
† † "Any time kid. Now where are those girls with the food. Iím starving!"

† † Luckily a few minutes later Misato and Asuka came back with food. The four dinned some of the best food they had in a while. Finally a night without a frozen dinner. Shinji and Asuka went to bed on a full stomach and left Misato and Kaji to clean up. Misato pilled up the wares in the dish-washing machine and left them there. She then went to sit in front of the TV with a beer.
† † "So did you talk to him?" asked Misato as she flipped through the channels.
† † "Hai, you know that sex has always been one of my favorite subjects," said Kaji with a smile.
† † "Yeah, thanks for talking to him. He seemed much more calmed," she replied as she finally turned off the TV and laid back on the couch.
† † "I was happy to do it. Heís a good kid. You look good you know that?" incited Kaji as he tried to control himself from taking her right there.
† † "Forget it youíre not getting any tonight or any other night. Iíll call you a cab," she said as she went to the phone. Kaji was a bit disappointed but he was sure that he would have other opportunities even if Misato said otherwise. He knew she wanted him or at least he thought so. He said good night and left. Misato took a bath and went to bed. This time she slept through the night oblivious of the light on in the bathroom and the tender moans that escaped from it.

The end!